About Holy Cross School

Our Journey

how we started

The Fragile Sapling planted in the soil of Madhepura at Shastri Nagar in 2004 has Flourished and provided fruitful service in the cause of child education

The Seeds of excellence, were well nurtured in spite of the great challenges and the school was upgraded to secondary level in the year 2012 and at present is steered up to senior seconday level with two streams i.e Science & Commerce.

H.C.S Forges towards wider horizons with affiliation to C.B.S.E. The present School building stand with its sprawling 3 acres. Modern campus comprising of infrastructure facilitites coupled 100% power backup.

From the very inception of Holy Cross with great skill and loving dedication the teachers have been the key figure down the years. Shaping and moulding the young lives entrusted to their care persons character and integrity.

The School owes its cosmopolitan character to the fact that the student of varying levels of ability from dofferent social and cultural backgrounds inter mingle enriching the system of co-education.

Our Mission


HOLY CROSS SCHOOL believes in providing a stimulatiing and friendly enviroment where children fell secure and develop to their full potential .

Message from School Desk

Dr. Bandana Kumari


Education is the most powerful weapon that one can use to change the world in imparting education to children. Our focus should be on the character building and creation of an environment conducive to learning. The education system can’t be confined to books. The children should be given an opportunity to grow and prove their caliber so that they can meet the challenges. With this aim in mind we exhort the students to participate in a number of co-curricular activities. These activities ranging debates, elocution, dance, drama, song, art and craft and creative writing, help in unearthing the hidden talents of the children and allow them to air their views. At Holy Cross School, our students get these opportunities and environment that is stimulating, inspiring and challenging.

Suresh Kumar Verma

Vice principal

Today we stand at the junction from where this fast paced world is inviting new objectives and the extinct culture heritage is challenging us. In the situation to balance the both and to develop oneself for the best outcome is our duty and responsibility. Taking these challenges as our mission, we are here for the services of the buds who are to bloom and to prepare themselves for the sake of nation as well as humans too. We are here to accommodate the guys for their future carrier. This institution is attempting to provide such an environment in which one can flourish in his best and perform and act with his best capacity on the world stage.



We all know that the children are the future of our country They should therefore be prepared to be skilled and be the responsible citizen of the country. There is always a scope for continuous improvement. It’s our aim to provide an environment that encourages growth, fosters creativity, generates honesty and sincerity where the students can get a strong capacity to face challenges in practical life. It’s my dream laid in form of this school where no children should be left out from getting education and to fulfill the need of the region in the field of education. I hope there will be positive co-operation and communication among the school, parents and our society.